Euskara munduko hizkuntzalaritza aldizkarietan (53)

Journal of the International Phonetic Association aldizkariak 49:2 zenbakian (abuztua, 2019) euskal fonetikazko artikulu bat argitaratu du:

Hauxe da artikuluaren laburpena:

This paper presents an experimental articulatory characterisation of lateral /l/ and nasal /n/ in Basque, using MRI midsagittal images. In order to assess previous observations of retroflexion or velarisation in these consonants in Basque, a battery of articulatory parameters is used which can be directly measured on the images. This set of parameters, focused on the description of the tongue shape and position, permits a fine-grained characterisation of the articulation of the two consonants under study, indicating the possible existence of a double articulation pattern in /l/ and, less clearly, in /n/. The results help to compensate for the lack of experimental descriptions on the articulation of Basque.

Kategoria: Aldizkariak, Euskara, fonetika-fonologia. Gorde lotura.