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Journal of Language Contact aldizkariak 10:2 zenbakian (2017) euskarari buruzko artikulu bat argitaratu du:

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The present study aims to show that Basque Differential Object Marking (DOM) is the result of intense contact with the Basque-Spanish Leísta Dialect (BLD) and to determine the process by which Basque DOM is a contact feature. Following theories of contact-induced phenomena in variationist sociolinguistics (Poplack and Levey, 2010), theories of DOM (Aissen, 2003) and grammaticalization theory (Heine and Kuteva, 2005), the speech of 29 native speakers of Gernika Basque are examined, stratified by age and language dominance. Results from oral data show that animacy and specificity are the strongest predictors of Basque DOM, followed by person and number. In terms of language specific constraints, the use of Spanish borrowed verbs and the null object character of the language strongly favors DOM in Gernika Basque. It is proposed that Basque DOM involves a complex process of ‘replica grammaticalization’, explaining the intertwined relationship between typological factors, contact-induced forces and language-specific constraints.

Kategoria: Aldizkariak, Euskara, gramatika. Gorde lotura.