2009 – Aipua: edizio txarren kalteez

[A] bad edition is worse than none, and our choices should be to edit rigorously, or not to edit. A bad edition is like a false indulgence: not only does it take the purchaser’s money under a false pretense, it gives him a false sense of security, and he will not take the truly necessary steps to meet his spiritual or editorial needs. A bad edition, in short, makes a good edition less likely and harder to publish.

(Daniel Eisenberg, 1983. “On Editing Don Quixote. Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America 3.1, 3-34.)

Jatorrizkoa: Aipua: edizio txarren kalteez

Kategoria: Aipuak, Filologia, testu-kritika, Urteurrenak. Gorde lotura.