Lexicon of Scholarly Editing | A Multilingual Lexicon for a Multilingual Discipline – #LexiconSE (beta)

Testu-kritikako terminologia hiztegi honek filologoen lanetan agertutako definizioak biltzen ditu; oso baliagarria:

“Its aim is not to create new definitions, but to gather existing definitions for every entry in the lexicon. Many of these concepts have given rise to lively debates in the past and several eminent scholars have made courageous attempts to define them in monographs or scholarly journals. Every entry will be defined by means of one or more quotations from giants, offering their shoulders to future generations to stand on.

All quotations are referenced and the text from which they derive can be found in the bibliography. Although the lingua franca of the ESTS and of this lexicon is English, the definitions do not need to be restricted to quotations from articles or monographs in English.”

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