Bibliometrics: The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics : Nature News & Comment

Artikuluak ikerkuntza ebaluatzeko hamar hatsarre proposatzen ditu, irizpide bibliometriko hutsez haratago joateko asmoz. Hona euskalaritza bete-betean ukitzen duen hirugarren puntua:

“3) Protect excellence in locally relevant research. In many parts of the world, research excellence is equated with English-language publication. Spanish law, for example, states the desirability of Spanish scholars publishing in high-impact journals. The impact factor is calculated for journals indexed in the US-based and still mostly English-language Web of Science. These biases are particularly problematic in the social sciences and humanities, in which research is more regionally and nationally engaged. Many other fields have a national or regional dimension — for instance, HIV epidemiology in sub-Saharan Africa.”

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